Melodica Netlabel is a part of the netlabel community from the beginning of 2010. Since that time we’ve gained new experiences and opportunities and especially many great tunes. Given that Melodica Netlabel offers free music it is difficult to enforce idea/s in such a powerful competition at the present time. However, we aren’t afraid of anything. The result is simple. Melodica Netlabel has released more than 20 EP’s and has collaborated with more then 50 producers from around the World.

Without you we wouldn’t manage it and for that we really THANK YOU!

One of the many ideas is to support innovation in music, give opportunity to young and talented producers and also show qualities of the experienced ones. We try to show you diversity and modern fusion of the genres focused on tunability and atmosphere.

Our aim is to continue in the development in all directions. Any feedback brings us one step further, so one more time thanks to everyone who helps us with our acitvities. We’ve found many posts about us on the internet, any tunes has become part of the compilation, we’ve listened to yours/ours tunes in a few mixes, podcasts,  and even in slovak popular alternative on air radio Radio_FM or czech on air radio Radio1, even somebody of you been able to read an interview in the slovak first print magazine Wave that is about the electronic music scene of course.

We’d like to mention Melodica Netlabel has own a session at canadian online radio Radio De. Maybe you’ll guest in our sessions, which takes 2 hours every 3rd thursday of the month.

If you want to collaborate with us, don’t hesitate and send us demo/s to, we are always looking forward to hear something new!