Thanks you for your time and confidence, if you decided to send your a message at info[at]melodica-netlabel[dot]com, please read our instructions first!

  • You can find more details about Melodica Netlabel in the section About, but we balance from house, through jazz, electronica, idm to breakbeat and even dubstep! Please, don’t send us any trance, schranz or hard music, because we’re not interested in these styles.
  • Required formats are .wav or .mp3 files. You can also send zipped mp3s by using the upload server (e.g. or soundcloud dropbox. Do not send mp3 files as an email attachment!

Send me your sounds

  • If you didn’t get fast reply, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t interested in your tune/s. Do not despair! We are just a humans like you, which means that we aren’t sitting around pc’s all the time. If you send us something, we will have a disscussion about it and that can took some time. BUT definitely we will try to reply on your posted demo materials (as fast as possible).
  • All tracks are free and available as mp3 320kbps. Free means, that you can download, copy, play and spread this music in any way you wish. IMPORTANT! All content on Melodica Netlabel is subject of the respective artist and authors. Any work on this site is licensed under Crative Commons license. Any other use or sale for commercial purposes is not allowed without the permission of the respective artist and Melodica Netlabel!

  • EP have to contain a minimum 2 original mixes and 1 remix. If you want to release only one track, please be patient! We can find someone who will do a remix or we can add track into a special release with other artists.
  • Following our agreement, it’s not possible to release EP immediately (except If there is nothing in the plan). It means, that we will release almost finished EP’s at first place, and then we can devote time to your tunes. Second reason, why we just can’t release your EP immediatelly, is that we can’t release more than one EP per month. That’s a very important rule.
  • So, please be patient. To prepare a release we need few days. IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to send us a biography about you in english, and photo/s in a big resolution, at least 800 x 600
  • Following our agreement about a release date, please don’t hasitate and send us all tracks in .wav format 24bit for mastering as soon as possible.
  • Graphic design of each EP is provided by Melodica Netlabel.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! If you decide to collaborate with us, please don’t search for another netlabels to releases the same tunes that you’re offering to us. In such cases we have to block your EP’s or track. Yes, WE ARE NETLABEL, but still, we want to compete with other netlabels also.

Melodica Netlabel isn’t looking for quantity, but quality and uniqueness!